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Help - Artists' Database of Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic and Gouache Paint Brands

Configuring the Artists' Paint Database

By selecting Color Wheel Options at the top-left of the visual color wheel window, the following screen is presented:


This screen allows you to:

  • select any paint brand by clicking on the appropriate checkbox
  • select all brands with the All button
  • filter brand colors by transparency, with the following checkboxes:
    • T - transparent or translucent
    • SO/ST< - semi-opaque or semi-transparent
    • O - opaque
    • ?? - transparency not provided by manufacturer
  • filter brand colors by selected color name by clicking the include text checkbox and selecting a color name from the drop-down list
  • refine name search further by requiring exact match to selected paint color name

Paint Colors are Displayed on Color Wheel, Chroma-Lightness Chart, and Color-Detail List

show artist paint colors

Highlighted features:

  • selected paint brands shown on color wheel - all paint colors of all selected artists' paint brands are displayed on the color wheel, each denoted by a small circle. Note that several paint colors can occupy the same hue-chroma sector.
  • paint colors for selected hue shown on chroma-lightness chart - all paint colors having the selected hue are indicated with an 'x'. Several paint colors may have the same chroma-lightness position on the chart
  • chroma selection indicator - based upon the position of the chroma selection indicator, all colors in the selected column are shown below in the color details list. To select a different chroma column (chroma value) click anywhere on the desired column.
  • paint color details - if any paint colors are present having the selected chroma, they are shown in the color list, with the following attributes:
    • color swatch - paint color is shown
    • color name - note that if Color Wheel for Artist has not been activated, the color name will be masked ("xxxxxxx")
    • color brand name
    • pigments - all known color pigment constituents are listed
    • transparency- [transparent, semi-transparent or semi-opaque, opaque]
    • lightfastness - rated as excellent, very good, fair or poor. For the 4 star rated system, these correspond to 4,3,2 and 1 stars.
    • CraveColor (CC) index - hue index(1-72) - chroma column index (1-10) - lightness row index(1-10)
    • note that by clicking on any color in the color list, that color will be added to the current Color Schemer scheme (below the color list, and on the Color Schemer tab page).
  • toggle color harmony marks - by checking this checkbox, a mark will be shown on the periphery of the color wheel at the locations of the currently selected hue, the color complement to this hue, and the two color triads corresponding to this hue. This allows the hue selector to be moved to a different position while still keeping track of the marked positions.
  • shortcut to Color Schemer - brings up the Color Schemer page; same action as clicking on the Color Schemer tab

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