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Help - Adding paint colors to My Palette for just the right color gamut (color range)

My Palette Screen


My Palette is designed to hold some or all of the actual paint colors you have in your physical collection. The color palette is automatically saved.

Some benefits of My Palette are:

  • you can see what sort of coverage your entire color palette has on the Visual Color Wheel
  • you can test the color gamut of 3 or more "primary" colors before beginning your painting. To do this, just imagine a straight line connecting the "primaries". Three colors will yield a triangular shape, four a tetrahedron. If you only use the selected "primaries", then all colors, including mixed colors will fall within that gamut shape on the color wheel. For example, by choosing these 3 "primaries" - Winsor red, Winsor Yellow, and Winsor Blue (Green Shade) - the gamut will look like this:

    color gamut

    Then by using only these three colors (and perhaps white and black, which both lie at the center of the color wheel), then all colors on your painting will lie within the black triangle, providing a more coherent and "atmospheric" effect

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