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Features - Mixing Color Wheel to Find Mixing Color Complements

The Mixing Color Wheel is not intended for finding visually harmonious colors such as complements and triads.

Rather, it is used to determine the mixing complement of a selected color, the addition of which will decrease the chroma of the selected color, eventually leading to a pure grey.

Mixing visual color complements together, while perfectly fine, will result in a hue shift, and will not lead to a pure grey.

mixing color wheel

If the lightness (value) of the mixing complement is different from that of the selected color, then the lightness of the mixture will also shift. It can be usefull to alter the lightness of the complement (with black or white), so that it matches that of the selected color, before mixing the two colors together.

As with the Visual Color Wheel, the user can select which media (oil, watercolor, acryclic or gouache) and which paint brands one wishes to consider.

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