Some Color Gamuts of Famous Paintings - Insight into the Color Palettes Used

All of the color gamuts (ranges of colors) are generated by Image Color Gamut in Colorist for Artists. Additionally, the Match Color feature can be used to determine the artists' paints that could be used to reproduce these gamuts.

Diego Rivera
diego rivera_peasants diego rivera color gamut
Grant Wood
American Gothic
garnt wood american gothic grant wood color gamut
Flower Study
renoir flower study renoir flower study gamut
Van Delft
Girl with Red Hat
van delft girl red hat van delft color gamut girl red hat
Da Vinci
The Last Supper
da vinci last supper da vinci supper color gamut
Van Gogh
Cafe Terrace
van gogh cafe terrace van gogh color gamut cafe terrace
Claude Monet
Impression Sunrise
claude monet impression sunrise clause monet color gamut sunrise
Tree of Life
klimt tree of life klimt color gamut tree life
Tom Thomson
The Pool
tom thomson the pool tom thomson color gamut pool
Street in Venice
sargent street in venice sargent color gamut street in venice
Open Window
matisse open window matisse color gamut open window
Claude Monet
The Walk Woman
monet walk woman claude monet color gamut walk woman
Composition VIII
kandinsky comosition 8 kandinsky color gamut composition VIII
turner shields turner color gamut Shileds
Van Delft
Girl with Earring
van delft girl with earring van delft color gamut gril earring
Cape Cod Morning
hopper cape cod morning hopper color gamut cape code morning
Yellow Red Blue
kandinsky yellow red blue kandinsky color gamut yellow red blue
renoir umbrellas renoir color gamut umbrellas
Two Women
kahlo two women kahlo color gamut two women
The Lifeline
winslow homer the lifeline homer color gamut the lifeline
Reclining Odalisque
ingres reclining odalisque ingres color gamut reclining odalisque
Man in Golden Helmet
rembrandt main in helmet rembrandt color gamut main in golden helmet
de la Tour
Newborn Babe
de la Tour newborn babe de la tour color gamut newborn babe
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