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Color Schemer

Adding Colors to Color Schemer

The Color Schemer provides the abilty to test the current Color Scheme colors on a series of test images.
Colors are added to the current Color Scheme by clicking on any paint color on the Visual Color Wheel page. The color will appear below in the color scheme viewer. Simultaneously the added color also appears on the Color Schemer page.

add color to schemer
To try out a color on the test image, first Select the Color Schemer tab:

color schemer

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Click on any color in the current Color Scheme
  2. Optionally choose any chroma-lightness variation of that color
  3. Click on the test image where you want the new color to appear

The current Color Scheme is automatically saved and reloaded when Colorist for Artists is restarted. Additionally, one can save color schemes to a custom name. This feature is available by clicking on Schemer Options.
The current test image is also save between sessions. To return a test image to its default colors, click on Reset Colors.
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