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Image Color Gamut

The color gamut of an image is the range of colors used within an image. Painters will usually restrict the paintings color gamut to provide the right feeling or mood within the painting. Some Color Gamuts of Famous Paintings illustrates the color gamut used by many renowned artists; almost always the colors used a bounded by a polygonal shape, perhaps triangular, trapezoidal or otherwise, and always represent only of small portion of the colors that could have been used.

Color Gamut can load an image file or paste an image from the Windows Clipboard. Image formats can be .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, or .TIF. Once loaded, Colorist Color Gamu will automatically analyze the image and display the color gamut on a visual color wheel and chroma-lightness matrix of the currently selected wheel color hue.

Consider, for instance, Klimt's "Woman in Hat".

klimt woman hat color gamut

The chroma of the color with greatest colorfullness (red) is little more than half of what is available in artists' paints of that hue.

There are 3 additional options available:
  1. Show Maximum Gamut checkbox - with this option enabled, a bounding polygon is added to the color wheel, this polygon representing the color gamut of the image. All colors within the gamut could be created using only those ccolors at the vertices of the polygon, in this case 5 (or even 4) colors.
  2. Lower Threshold (%) - can be used to disregard those image colors of low count (frequency). By default this is set to 1, in order to eliminate the additional colors that are created when a file is compressed (eg JPG format).
  3. View Matrix in Match Color - the whole chroma-lightness matrix for the currently selected wheel hue can be sent to Match Color, and from there equivalent artists' paints can be selected. This is an alternative process to simply opening the original image in Match Color.

Color Count (Frequency)

Each gamut color has a triangular count indicator in the lower right of the color square. This indicator size relative is scaled logarithmically. For instance, for the same image, a color shown with this indicator: color gamut count would have appeared in the image 64 times as much as one with this indicator: image gamut color frequency

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