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About Cravecolor

Cravecolor is a new enterprise begun and implemented by myself, David Macdonald. In previous years I have designed software for electronics engineers, and made that software avaialble as shareware at www.schematica.com.

In early 2011 I happened to take a course in Chinese watercolor painting, and became interested in color and color harmony. After realizing that almost all color wheels are incorrect, I looked at modern color models to find the one best suited to determining true visual color complements.

This "play" eventually led to the creation of Colorist for Artists, a software color wheel that displays colors in the now widely accepted color dimensions of hue, chroma and lightness. The ability to display artists' oil, watercolor, acrylic and gouache paints on the color wheel has led to many exciting software features. In upcoming months and years Colorist will be refined, and new applications developed. I hope you will find something useful on the Cravecolor site.

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