A Better Match

Colorist for Artists uses the same paint colors that paint manufacturers display in color charts, on the internet. Should you feel that Colorist could display a better color match for a particular paint, there are two ways in which you can provide valuable feedback to Cravecolor, as thus refine and improve Colorists' paint database:

[1]  Email to Cravecolor the color code that you feel is a better match.

All colors displayed in the chroma-lightness matrix of the Visual Color Wheel have a Cravecolor color code. To find the color code of any color, simply right-click on that color. A larger swatch of that color will be displayed below, along with its color information. The Cravecolor color code is at the top.

color code to send to cravecolor

Using a dry paint swatch, please determine a better match and email Cravecolor (support@cravecolor.com) the following information:
  • paint medium (eg watercolor)
  • paint brand (eg Winsor Newton Cotman)
  • paint name (eg Cadmium Yellow Light)
  • suggested Cravecolor color code (eg CC-18-09-08)

[2]  Mail a color swatch to Cravecolor.

By mailing Cravecolor a color swatch painted on an appropriate white background, I can make a color measurement on that swatch and thus obtain a better match to be used in Colorist. If you are mailing a color swatch please provide the same information listed above, and mail the swatch(es) to:

Suite 1006 - 834 Johnson Street
British Columbia
V8W 1N3

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

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